We are a bricks and mortar independent record store in Brisbane Australia, found in late 2016, created with help and support from the core of Brisbane’s DJ community, we specialize heavily in 2nd hand dance music and hip hop for DJ’s with a large range of unusual and hard-to-find-locally genres. We often have in-store DJ events and the occasional international DJ could be spotted digging back in the pre-covid days.

Yes, we strongly encourage combining shipping and are happy to hold orders and combine for group shipping. Select local pick up at checkout and send us a message and we will gladly sort that out for you. 

There is a filter option on the side that you can use to filter genres to narrow down your search as well the search function.

If you click on the “tracklist” tab on a product you can click on a track title to go directly to a youtube search to assist listening to songs.

Please, please let us know, this website is very much a work in progress and we are trying to find a great balance for ease of use. all. suggestions are greatly appreciated